We are the only place you can find The GaterTop or any deployable tailgate table of its kind.  Discover the perfect vehicle accessory designed to help you maximize your working or recreation space without adding weight or reducing storage area in your vehicle.

Imagine...where will you go with

The GaterTop?

THE GATERTOP is turning tables 

unleash freedom with the gatertop tailgating table

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The GaterTop is a patented and trademarked truck accessory that is an extension of your tailgate and designed to make finding a flat surface, a snap at any location.  All you have to do is lower your tailgate and unfold it.

Our more than five years in development has taught our team the intricacies of creating a product, by turning the tables, that can easily and reliably be used in nearly all trucks.  The result of our hard work is the creation of a table that utilizes strong and lightweight materials, an effective suspension bar, and a rugged leg extension.

The GaterTop is a unique take on tables, using your truck to create an easy-to-use option.  Our goal is to provide outdoor enthusiats with a long-lasting, ready to use table that enables them to get the most out of every adventure or getaway.


Tailgating and Sporting Events

Camping and Picnics


Hunting and Fishing


Ranchers and Farmers

Construction Sites

First Responders

Beach and Block Parties

Family Reunions

Weekend "To Do" Tasks

Horse Riding Arenas

​Gardening Table